Casa Pousadoira is located in a small village with the same name, the local countryside is a mixture of agriculture and forest. The house is in the valley of the river Lambre, which runs about a kilometre from the house. que pasa a 1 km de la casa.

The local area is ideal for country walks. Take a stroll down to the river Lambre or go to the fountain and chapel of Augas Santas. Take time to go down the river do Medio, a small stream that feeds seven water mills and an old hydroelectric plant. With photograps it is difficult to show the real beauty of these mills, which demonstrate te ingenuity of our ancestors in making a small stream work to their advantage.

The nearest town is Miño, which is 8 km away. It has amagnificent beach that as received a blue flag from the EU.

Betanzos is 15 km away, as is Pontedeume, both towns have very intersting ancient town centres.

A Coruña is 30 km away and Santiago is at 60 km. Lugo is one hour´s drive, and here you can

THE WOODS OF THE RIVER EUME: this area deserves a special mention as it is the best conserved Altantic forest that remains in Europe. This area lies at a distance of 18 km. Not only is this area important from a botanical point of view, but also it has real artistic and historical interest .Junto al interés botánico importantísimo, está también el interés histórico y artístico, de los monasterios, castillo de Andrade, iglesias, así como el paisaje, desde las tierras bajas próximas al mar de Pontedeume, hasta las más altas del interior, de Monfero o Capela, donde predominan los pastos para el ganado.

También es factible visitar desde Casa Pousadoira la Costa da Morte hacia el sur y la Serra da Capelada hasta Ortigueira hacia el Norte, visitando o enclave emblemático de San Andrés de Teixido. Este último pedazo de costa, desde Ferrol hasta cabo Ortegal es menos conocido pero no menos hermoso. La Serra da Capelada proporciona unas vistas impresionantes, ya que tiene acantilados de 600 m de altitud al borde del mar. El paisaje es agreste y grandioso.

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