The project

Project blueprintIn 1995 the doors to CASA POUSADOIRA were first opened to the public. It is a place for rural tourism on a small family farm located in the northern part of the province of A Coruña. At this moment, the family home of the owners became the beginning of a project to restore an abandoned agricultural site to its former glory and by putting the land back to work again. It was a choice of lifestyle that led to our love of this land and its rural environment and which spurred our desire to live and work in the countryside whilst at the same time looking for new alternatives for rural sustainability. Twenty years later we are still working at it. Two years later we registered some plots of land (2000 m2) with the organization that regulates ecological produce. The land was registered for our own consumption and that of the guests who stay at Casa Pousadoira. In our production unit, that is very near our ouse, we make ecological ecological preserves, jam, marmalade and tomato, wic we sell under te brand name DALDEA POUSADOIRA. We hope that this idea will slowly become an ever growing reality and so we urge you to come and visit us.

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