Center for Resilience

Resilience is a term that can be applied to many disciplines. In ecology it refers to the capacity of communities to absorb environmental change or damage and its ability to adapt and recover from these changes together with its ability to acquire new equipment and abilities.

This is our latest Project that we are trying to implement. For several years now we have been aware that the great decline that we are seeing has ramifications of unprecedented depth and that we are facing the end of an era. This will mean that we are going to have to radically change our ways of production and consumption. We are arriving at the point that is the “Limits to Growth”, and we are facing a resources crisis. The most important factor in this resources crisis is that we have reached the Peak Oil, this in turn will affect other prime materials and may lead to the collapse of our social structure. For this reason we need to inform people and do everything that is in our power to make ourselves more resilient, primarily as individuals but also as communities, because this is the only way for us to overcome the challenge.

As a starting point, this need impelled us to organize courses at our house that are focused on increasing resilience, self-sufficiency and making us less dependent on external resources. Bio construction courses, medicinal plants, installation of photovoltaic cells, homemade preserves… We have now decided that our project should be better defined and cover wider objectives. For this reason we have created the POUSADOIRA RESILIENCE CENTRE, (PRC) with the aim of informing, spreading information and training in order to help people overcome this crucial moment in our civilization.

If you want more information about this Project, visit Pousadoira Center for Resilience web site.

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