Daldea Pousadoira

DALDEA POUSADOIRA: GASTRONOMY CONTACT 981777898 629280565 info@pousadoira.com A Registered Agricultural Producer: Registry Number: 15/40970 Health Certificate Number: 21.21183/C When we set up the Pousadoira project our aim was to live and work exclusively in the countryside. We used to think that rural tourism was just another activity to be done in the countryside, but the reality is very different. We feel that it is essential to participate in all types of activities for rural tourism to be atractive. There need to be agricultural landscapes and animals, but there also need to be people who live and work in this countryside, because these are the people who keep the economy of this rural landscape alive. We desire a living countryside, where the production of healthy food and respect for the environment go hand in hand, this is the traditional method of country folk handed down through generations. We think that there should be a real future for our countryside, a future that promoties living and working in rural areas, a fundamental method of reaching this aim is through the production of healthy food. PRODUCTION We always make our own jams, marmalades and other preserves for our own consumption and that of our guests. In 2003 we decided to take another step and to build a production unit, where we could make our jams, marmalades and preserves. Today we prepare and sell thees products

FRIED ONIONS: This product is aimed at bakeries and patisseries for the preparation of empanadas (a type of flat savoury pie). The fried onion comes in packages of 10 kilos. It is fried either in olive oil or in sunflower oil, and tis together with the superb quality of our onions allows us to produce an inovative product that in terms of quality is head and shoulders above any other type processed onion available in the market.

ANGEL HAIR (CABELLO DE ANGEL): We make our own angel hair, using only the traditional metods of the artisan. It comes in small packages for home use and is also available in larger packets for use in commercial bakeries.

MARMELADES: We make marmelades, tomato, etc, for consumption and sale in the house.

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