Located at the mouth of the River Eume and on the slopes of the Breamo Mountain.

From our mediaeval past, the Earls of Andrade left their mark on the streets of Pontedeume, with buildings like the majestic tower that overlooks the town. As its name tells us, Pontedeume is characterized by its excellent stone bridge that crosses the River Eume, and despite the fact that it is not the original bridge built in the times of the Andrade family, it still clearly shows us how important this strategic crossing has been down through the ages.

The area surrounding Pontedeume also offers a variety of attractive sites .If we go up the River Eume we can find the Fragas do Eume (Eume natural woodland), a unique natural park of great beauty and importance. If we cross the bridge over the Eume River we have access to Madalena beach, which is a great place to swim. At the top of Breamo Mountain, there is the Romanesque church of St. Michael of Breamo, which is all that remains of the old monastery. From both here and from Castelo de Andrade (Andrade Castle), there are excellent views over the estuary

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